June, 2009

Customized Bite Turbos

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Dr. Fady Hussein Fahim, BDS, MDS, M Orth RCSEd

Anterior bite turbos have proven useful for protecting mandibular anterior brackets from breakage and also for opening bites. This article describes a quick, efficient and economical way of fabricating and applying turbos.

1. Mark the place where the mandibular incisal edges contact the palatal surface of the maxillary central incisors using articulating paper or mark them directly with a marking instrument.

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2. Etch only the mark. Wash, dry and then place the sealant adhesive and cure it.

3. Bond a mandibular incisor bracket to the previously marked point of contact.

4. Fill the bracket wing and slot with flowable composite, and cure it. Clinicians can place additional composite when large overjets exist.

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5. Check and adjust the occlusion.

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Contributed by:

Dr. Fady Hussein Fahim, BDS, MDS, M Orth RCSEd
Assistant Lecturer – Orthodontic Department- Cairo University, Egypt


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